Seminar with Dr. West

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Listening to Dr. Cornel West was breath taking. Before I even heard him speak, I heard nothing but positive things about him. For example “Dr. West is so profound with his words, he will take you on a journey.” Or, how he is the Martin Luther King Jr. of my generation. November 17, 2011, the professors of the Cal State East Bay campus were on strike and Dr. West, who is so for the people and giving back to the community, comes earlier than when he was expected to deliver his lecture. And to see this display was mind-blowing. A professor himself would help out other professor’s right before he comes out to bless our minds with some great wisdom. At first, I thought it was going to be a rumor that he was going to be at the protest, but seeing him there made me happy. Seeing him there with my own eyes amazed me to see how much he truly cares for everyone to be treated with the same kind of love, as we deserve.
Dr. West’s lecture was so motivational; it really did take me on a journey which I only thought could happen in a dream. I was so glad I was able to make it to this seminar because it blessed my life to another level. To the ones who were not there or were not able to make missed out on a wonderful lesson on loving everyone. The message was on loving everyone and how we need to learn to die, but not literally. He meant letting something go so we can grow. He also elaborated on love, how we lack in it, and how we could love each other and every one of us could be in a better world. In the words of Dr. West “it’s easy to hate some but hard to love someone who done you wrong.” The example he used to explain this reasoning was of Emmett Till’s mother, Mrs. Mobley Till. She stood over her son’s casket and said, “All I want is justice, not revenge.” Dr. West continued on to say how profound she is by saying this when she could have easily said, “I want them dead for what they did.” Yet she didn’t say that and Dr. West said, “I love that…that’s what the people need to have in our hearts.” Dr. West. He goes on talking about this topic, but overall, listening to Dr. West speak about it truly blessed my life.
During the rally I asked Dr. West if I could ask him a question and he replied back “Of course my brother, you can ask me anything, we will talk after the dance performance…” Man, that is a man of his word. He was trapped with people trying to take pictures with him and yet he stopped them for a while to take out time to answer my question. My question was “Do you feel the professors used the occupy movement as an excuse for them to go on strike?” Dr. West replied back with, “It’s a possibility that they could have but the most important part is us coming as one big unity where we can not be stopped. Now that’s what really matters the most.” To me this means that no matter what the cause is, we should come together as one big group and not just a bunch of people who are protesting to either be cool or just for play, when people before our time put their lives on the line to give us the rights we have today.
For example, what if Martin Luther King Jr. did never have a dream? What if Rosa Parks got up from her seat in the front of the bus? What if Malcolm Little never became Malcolm X? What if Huey Newton never feed the people and gave the kids free breakfast? What if…? And the most important part is for us to come together no matter what race or faith. Black, White, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Atheist, we are all equal and are more powerful when we come together with the love in our hearts.
In his lecture he answered my question even deeper when he said, “The more unified we are the more dangerous we are. And the knowledge we have the further we can grow and go in life.”
Dr. West is a very wise man with his words and he is all about one thing. Which his lecture was all about, treat everyone with love. Its not about race, money, belief, power, or greed, but its all about love, something in todays society lacks in everything we do. It used to be where everyone had each others back, and today its every man or woman for themselves, which doesn’t make sense.
Stop being selfish and help your brother and sister in the time of need. That’s what Dr. West, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, and etc. wanted and that’s why they did what they did. Because just like our parents, they made a way for us and not let their dreams go to waste, and don’t let yours go to waste either. So don’t give up the good fight of faith up, because we are almost at finish line. Just keep the dream alive and it shall come to pass.


Is the death penalty really helping out with the crime rate, or is it just way to kill people for a crime that they where committed of doing? The death penalty is a capital punishment that countries use as a punishment through the judicial system. Some believe that the death penalty is just another way to kill some but the good way. But really, is the death penalty a right way to treat some one or to sentence a person who either killed some one. Death penalty is a hypocritical way for the government to kill a person, for a severe capital punishment, but instead of this they should just be put in jail for the rest of their life.
The history of the death penalty been around since the eighteen B.C. there is a lot of ways people execute criminals some would be-headed electric chair, or lethal injection. In some states of the United States of America they take the death penalty very serious. For example the state of Texas, when you committed of a crime like first degree murder they get sentenced to death row, or the death penalty, and you do not stay on death row for longer than a month or so. They fill you should be pay for you did, and that all good but should they just get in life in jail instead of death row. Death Penalty is just an extreme way of punishment that the government uses.
No man or woman desires to be killed by anyone; it’s just not right in any way of thought. It is understandable to say that this man killed a incent family for no reason, so we just kill him for killing a family. How is that stopping crime in the world, its not you’re doing the same thing that the criminal did. Also while they are in jail talk to them and ask them why did they commit this horrible crime for? What was their motto or being for this horrible crime? The worst way to punish some one is to throw that person in jail and sentence him or her to life jail with no parole or possibility of getting out.
Some would say that the death penalty is a great way to punish some one; they believe it is like karma. What goes around comes around, which could be true but to take some ones life for a crime is just another crime that has been committed. What gives the government the right to kill a man or woman for killing a person for what ever reason? Now I am not saying it’s not wrong for anyone to kill but its bad enough when a person does a murder crime. Murder it self is a very horrible crime and for the government to think it is cool for to kill all the people that killed some one is just plan wrong.
Who are we to judge and to say when a person should should stay alive or die, we are not God, that is his choice when we are to die or not. A lot people believe that state and reglion should apart form each other, but the government should pick our reglion which is true but why should they say this person should die because of the crime they did or committed. We should take away the death penalty and should put them in jail for life and let sit their and think about what they did wrong.

NFL First Round Draft pics

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1. Panthers 2-14 .125 .574
2. Broncos 4-12 .250 .516
3. Bills 4-12 .250 .578
4. Bengals 4-12 .250 .582
5. Cardinals 5-11 .313 .465
6. Browns 5-11 .313 .570
7. 49ers 6-10 .375 .488
8. Titans 6-10 .375 .508
9. Cowboys 6-10 .375 .512
10. Redskins 6-10 .375 .516
11. Texans 6-10 .375 .523
12. Vikings 6-10 .375 .539
13. Lions 6-10 .375 .543
14. Rams 7-9 .438 .449
15. Dolphins 7-9 .438 .539
16. Jaguars 8-8 .500 .453
17. Patriots (from Raiders) 14-2 .875 .504
18. Chargers 9-7 .563 .457
19. Giants 10-6 .625 .453
20. Buccaneers 10-6 .625 .477
21. Chiefs 10-6 .625 .414
22. Colts 10-6 .625 .473
23. Eagles 10-6 .625 .492
24. Saints 11-5 .688 .469
25. Seahawks 7-9 .438 .484
26. Ravens 12-4 .750 .484
27. Falcons 13-3 .813 .484
28. Patriots 14-2 .875 .504
29. Packers* 10-6 .625 .520
30. Bears* 11-5 .688 .473
31. Jets* 11-5 .688 .492
32. Steelers* 12-4 .750 .500

If you see asteroid by the teams name is because they are still playing in the Playoff hunch. Draft pick will change based on how the Playoffs ends. Comment back with your predictions on who will go where.

Last week I interviewed Stkee, one of the members of The Associates. The Associates are an upcoming group that started off two fraternity brothers who both have a strong passion for music. They started with a rush song called “Pledge for AKO” for the Alpha Kappa Omega Fraternity. From there, they had worked on their debut album, “Get Associated” , which was released last year in December 2010. The album could be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and locally at Amoeba in San Francisco and Berkeley,CA.

Lets Talk Sports: How did “The Associates” come together?

Stkee: Max and I are members of Alpha Kappa Omega Fraternity, Inc. Found out he (Max) wrote poems and freestyled, and I write raps and produced music, so we started recording back in, like, 2005, just for fun, and actually, one of the big factors was that I wanted to do a talent show and at the time, the artist that I was dealing with didn’t want to do it, so me and Max did it, got 3rd place, only rap group participating, and got a lot of love for the music we did. After that, we continued recording, doing a couple songs for rush (trying to get in a Fraternity), and then decided we needed a name for group.

Lets Talk Sports: Who came up with “The Associates”?

Stkee: We both were brainstorming, but I really don’t remember who so it was a group thing.

Lets Talk Sports: What the first y’all song recorded together?

Sktee: Yeah, “Pledge for A K O”. (laughs) It was over the Paul Wall beat “Still Tippin”.

Lets Talk Sports: How was it for the very first time recording?

Stkee: It was [cool]. I had a lot of experience before that.

Lets Talk Sports: What about Max?

Stkee: I can’t remember. You’d have to ask him. I think that AKO song was the first song he recorded.

Lets Talk Sports: How was working on the first album?

Stkee: Pretty rigorous, and you want to take the resources you currently have and put it together. It’s really tough. It’s not like we got a Kanye West budget, or even a street team or anything like that to build up the hype. All we had was the resources that we had, so we couldn’t slack on what we can control, which was making some good music, and good music doesn’t always come right away, and there’s no formula that you can follow all the time, so there was a lot of work put into the album
A lot of details added, lyrically and musically, then the whole package and our branding so people would know who we are but at the same time we couldn’t just water down our image.

Lets Talk Sports: Was it worth it?

Stkee: Yeah, knowing that we got something people are feeling. It’s just a matter of time before everyone else starts catching on. When we threw the listening party, everyone was really vibing to the music, and anyone who actually sat down and processed the music, they had nothing bad to say about the album. In fact, I’ve been hearing a lot of “Yeah, I listened to the album all the way through.” You don’t get that kind of product nowadays. Everyone just wants a hit single. We gave 14 hit singles that was coherent and told a story, so I’m hoping when folks who aren’t familiar with us yet listen to the album, they’ll be able to see the vision, too. I produced it so it’s like a movie. You got the intro, the story, and then the ending. When you listened to the last song of the album, how did you feel?

Lets Talk Sports: I love it! Real Hip-Hop, something we have not heard in a while.

Stkee Yeah, that’s what we wanted to hear.

Lets Talk Sports: Thank you for your time.

Stkee: No problem.<

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Video of Cliff Lee

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