Dear Reader

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Inspiration, Politics, Uncategorized


Dear Reader,

First off I just want to personally thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blogs/articles whenever I would post them, and also forgive me for not posting more frequently like I should be, but I will do my best to write one each month and start to gradually write more often. Please just continue to work with me. The reason why I don’t write so often is because sometimes I don’t know what to write about. All I know is I want to write something for everyone to read. I want my articles to be 100 percent ready before I post them. But before I continue to write any more I thought it was time I introduce my self. Let me start off by saying my name is Wayne I am undecided major between philosophy or communications with a journalism option, but I am leaning more on philosophy because of two great philosophers named Dr. Cornel West and, Socrates.  I currently attend CCSF (City College of San Francisco). My objective for this blog site is to use it as footsteps in becoming an author of many books on various topics like philosophy, religion, sports, politics, and many other subjects that people may be interested in. I started to write blogs/articles in my freshmen year in college I wrote an essay that turned into an article and my boss at the time told me that I should look into journalism which encouraged me to write blogs/articles. Also in this article, I just want to say that no matter what you want to do in life, don’t let any one stop you. I know that is some what random but I feel today in time no one helps anyone any more, it’s a dog eat dog world out here, every man for themselves, but I challenge people to try be helpful to those to around you, because you might never know when you will need someone to help you.  Sorry for that random though, but I just felt right to say it. As of right now I’m doing some research on the 13th Amendment in the United States Constitution, and why did Abraham Lincoln free the slaves, and why do call Hindu’s devil worshippers? And another topics that comes to mind. Once I get enough information on one of them I will post it up. Thank you so much for everything. Without you guys this blog site could not exist, if you have any ideas or a topic you would like to write about please either post on the Facebook page here is the link ( or just email me at Please email any topics you would like for me to write about again, I will do my best to check it daily, thank you so much for everything and for you support.


Wayne P. Saindon.


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