Value of a Mentor

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Inspiration

Through out my life many people have had an impact on me , however I have had quite a few mentor’s who have been the greatest source of encouragement. Renaldo Blocker who is my “big brother”. Brother Kevin Lynch whom has passed away last year in January. And also I have Brother Wil Cason and Brother David Yang. Now let me explain how these great men helped me out.

In my community where I grew up we consider friends, to whom we’ve truly connected with, as if they were family. If they were older we called them ” Mom or Dad” and if they were couple years younger we call them “Brother and Sister”. Growing up I was the only boy so I never had a big brother in my life until my Sophomore year in High school, where I met brother Renaldo Blocker. He came to my job at the time , which was the Boys and Girls club of Oakland. Renaldo was with his Fraternity Brother talking about how important college is to the junior staff who worked there. After everything was over I asked Renaldo if we could stay in touch, because I still had tons of questions about applying to colleges and getting scholarships. So we gave each other our contact information, and the more we keep talking about college I had a feeling he could help me out the way which he did.I earned a 3.29 GPA my Junior year of High school. He even gave me the encouragement to pass my high school exit exam and get into California State University, East Bay. And to this, day he helps out and makes sure I earn my Degree in Communications.

Another great brother who supported and made sure I had everything I needed was brother Kevin Lych. Now, I met Kevin in my Second quarter at Cal State East Bay, he worked in the EOP (Educational Opporitunity Program) office as [a supervisor]. No he wasn’t a counlser, but he wanted to make sure I get my degree. The very first time I met brother Lynch was at a conference on campus called the Student Leadershipship program, where he gave a seminar on Leadership. Afterwards, we all took a group picture with the members of the Men of Success and the Women of Success. Kevin wanted to make sure all the student he knew on campus graduated. We all knew if we needed help Kevin was the man to see. During the Winter quarter of 2009, Kevin and I became closer. We would meet on the regular basis once a week so he can check up on how I am doing in classes. Kevin saw I wasn’t doing so good in Math, so we looked up Math tutoring sites to help me with my classes which helped me to an extent. Not only would he help me with my academic issues, but he would also help me if I had any financial issues.

And on January 12th 2011, I got an phone confirming tragic news that I was hoping was false. My dear friend, role model, Mentor and support had passed away from a asthma attack. During his funeral his fellow coworker David Yang, padded me on the back and said “You know what you need to do.” So I got up in front of his fraternity brothers, family and friends, I looked Kevin in the face as he was in his casket and told him “ Kevin, I will not let your time and effort go to waste, I am going to graduate in your memory”. Ever since then I have been working hard on earning my degree in Communications.

After the funeral Kevin’s Fraternity brothers, family, and friends all welcomed me and thanked me for saying those great things about Kevin. As I was leaving, one of his fraternity brother, Wil Cason, came up to me and said, “Hey Wayne, I want to make sure your dreams come to reality”. We exchanged contact information and from there on was history in the making. Wil and David both took on the role that Kevin had in my life, and it wasn’t for them I probably would have kept putting school on hold. But David would always remind me of the promise that I made to Kevin and that I needed to keep my promise. Ever since then I have been working on getting my degree and working on becoming a great radio talk show host. As I end this article, I just want to take time out and thank Renaldo Blocker, Kevin Lych, David Yang, Wil Cason, Marc Cochran, Paul Gradley, Sylvester Donelson , Antonio Daniels, Maxwell Hurts, my mother Karen Jackson, who always encouraged me and to everyone else who always believed in me when times were hard and I almost gave up hope on my education


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