Seminar with Dr. West

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Politics

Listening to Dr. Cornel West was breath taking. Before I even heard him speak, I heard nothing but positive things about him. For example “Dr. West is so profound with his words, he will take you on a journey.” Or, how he is the Martin Luther King Jr. of my generation. November 17, 2011, the professors of the Cal State East Bay campus were on strike and Dr. West, who is so for the people and giving back to the community, comes earlier than when he was expected to deliver his lecture. And to see this display was mind-blowing. A professor himself would help out other professor’s right before he comes out to bless our minds with some great wisdom. At first, I thought it was going to be a rumor that he was going to be at the protest, but seeing him there made me happy. Seeing him there with my own eyes amazed me to see how much he truly cares for everyone to be treated with the same kind of love, as we deserve.
Dr. West’s lecture was so motivational; it really did take me on a journey which I only thought could happen in a dream. I was so glad I was able to make it to this seminar because it blessed my life to another level. To the ones who were not there or were not able to make missed out on a wonderful lesson on loving everyone. The message was on loving everyone and how we need to learn to die, but not literally. He meant letting something go so we can grow. He also elaborated on love, how we lack in it, and how we could love each other and every one of us could be in a better world. In the words of Dr. West “it’s easy to hate some but hard to love someone who done you wrong.” The example he used to explain this reasoning was of Emmett Till’s mother, Mrs. Mobley Till. She stood over her son’s casket and said, “All I want is justice, not revenge.” Dr. West continued on to say how profound she is by saying this when she could have easily said, “I want them dead for what they did.” Yet she didn’t say that and Dr. West said, “I love that…that’s what the people need to have in our hearts.” Dr. West. He goes on talking about this topic, but overall, listening to Dr. West speak about it truly blessed my life.
During the rally I asked Dr. West if I could ask him a question and he replied back “Of course my brother, you can ask me anything, we will talk after the dance performance…” Man, that is a man of his word. He was trapped with people trying to take pictures with him and yet he stopped them for a while to take out time to answer my question. My question was “Do you feel the professors used the occupy movement as an excuse for them to go on strike?” Dr. West replied back with, “It’s a possibility that they could have but the most important part is us coming as one big unity where we can not be stopped. Now that’s what really matters the most.” To me this means that no matter what the cause is, we should come together as one big group and not just a bunch of people who are protesting to either be cool or just for play, when people before our time put their lives on the line to give us the rights we have today.
For example, what if Martin Luther King Jr. did never have a dream? What if Rosa Parks got up from her seat in the front of the bus? What if Malcolm Little never became Malcolm X? What if Huey Newton never feed the people and gave the kids free breakfast? What if…? And the most important part is for us to come together no matter what race or faith. Black, White, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Atheist, we are all equal and are more powerful when we come together with the love in our hearts.
In his lecture he answered my question even deeper when he said, “The more unified we are the more dangerous we are. And the knowledge we have the further we can grow and go in life.”
Dr. West is a very wise man with his words and he is all about one thing. Which his lecture was all about, treat everyone with love. Its not about race, money, belief, power, or greed, but its all about love, something in todays society lacks in everything we do. It used to be where everyone had each others back, and today its every man or woman for themselves, which doesn’t make sense.
Stop being selfish and help your brother and sister in the time of need. That’s what Dr. West, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, and etc. wanted and that’s why they did what they did. Because just like our parents, they made a way for us and not let their dreams go to waste, and don’t let yours go to waste either. So don’t give up the good fight of faith up, because we are almost at finish line. Just keep the dream alive and it shall come to pass.

  1. I love Dr. West! He’s one of the greatest minds ever. Wayne, I’m glad you had this great experience with Dr. West. You will always remember this experience and should always treasure it. Good job!

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