Should We Allow the Death Penalty?

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Politics, Uncategorized

Is the death penalty really helping out with the crime rate, or is it just way to kill people for a crime that they where committed of doing? The death penalty is a capital punishment that countries use as a punishment through the judicial system. Some believe that the death penalty is just another way to kill some but the good way. But really, is the death penalty a right way to treat some one or to sentence a person who either killed some one. Death penalty is a hypocritical way for the government to kill a person, for a severe capital punishment, but instead of this they should just be put in jail for the rest of their life.
The history of the death penalty been around since the eighteen B.C. there is a lot of ways people execute criminals some would be-headed electric chair, or lethal injection. In some states of the United States of America they take the death penalty very serious. For example the state of Texas, when you committed of a crime like first degree murder they get sentenced to death row, or the death penalty, and you do not stay on death row for longer than a month or so. They fill you should be pay for you did, and that all good but should they just get in life in jail instead of death row. Death Penalty is just an extreme way of punishment that the government uses.
No man or woman desires to be killed by anyone; it’s just not right in any way of thought. It is understandable to say that this man killed a incent family for no reason, so we just kill him for killing a family. How is that stopping crime in the world, its not you’re doing the same thing that the criminal did. Also while they are in jail talk to them and ask them why did they commit this horrible crime for? What was their motto or being for this horrible crime? The worst way to punish some one is to throw that person in jail and sentence him or her to life jail with no parole or possibility of getting out.
Some would say that the death penalty is a great way to punish some one; they believe it is like karma. What goes around comes around, which could be true but to take some ones life for a crime is just another crime that has been committed. What gives the government the right to kill a man or woman for killing a person for what ever reason? Now I am not saying it’s not wrong for anyone to kill but its bad enough when a person does a murder crime. Murder it self is a very horrible crime and for the government to think it is cool for to kill all the people that killed some one is just plan wrong.
Who are we to judge and to say when a person should should stay alive or die, we are not God, that is his choice when we are to die or not. A lot people believe that state and reglion should apart form each other, but the government should pick our reglion which is true but why should they say this person should die because of the crime they did or committed. We should take away the death penalty and should put them in jail for life and let sit their and think about what they did wrong.


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