Get Associated!! Interview with Sktee from The Associates

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Music, Uncategorized

Last week I interviewed Stkee, one of the members of The Associates. The Associates are an upcoming group that started off two fraternity brothers who both have a strong passion for music. They started with a rush song called “Pledge for AKO” for the Alpha Kappa Omega Fraternity. From there, they had worked on their debut album, “Get Associated” , which was released last year in December 2010. The album could be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and locally at Amoeba in San Francisco and Berkeley,CA.

Lets Talk Sports: How did “The Associates” come together?

Stkee: Max and I are members of Alpha Kappa Omega Fraternity, Inc. Found out he (Max) wrote poems and freestyled, and I write raps and produced music, so we started recording back in, like, 2005, just for fun, and actually, one of the big factors was that I wanted to do a talent show and at the time, the artist that I was dealing with didn’t want to do it, so me and Max did it, got 3rd place, only rap group participating, and got a lot of love for the music we did. After that, we continued recording, doing a couple songs for rush (trying to get in a Fraternity), and then decided we needed a name for group.

Lets Talk Sports: Who came up with “The Associates”?

Stkee: We both were brainstorming, but I really don’t remember who so it was a group thing.

Lets Talk Sports: What the first y’all song recorded together?

Sktee: Yeah, “Pledge for A K O”. (laughs) It was over the Paul Wall beat “Still Tippin”.

Lets Talk Sports: How was it for the very first time recording?

Stkee: It was [cool]. I had a lot of experience before that.

Lets Talk Sports: What about Max?

Stkee: I can’t remember. You’d have to ask him. I think that AKO song was the first song he recorded.

Lets Talk Sports: How was working on the first album?

Stkee: Pretty rigorous, and you want to take the resources you currently have and put it together. It’s really tough. It’s not like we got a Kanye West budget, or even a street team or anything like that to build up the hype. All we had was the resources that we had, so we couldn’t slack on what we can control, which was making some good music, and good music doesn’t always come right away, and there’s no formula that you can follow all the time, so there was a lot of work put into the album
A lot of details added, lyrically and musically, then the whole package and our branding so people would know who we are but at the same time we couldn’t just water down our image.

Lets Talk Sports: Was it worth it?

Stkee: Yeah, knowing that we got something people are feeling. It’s just a matter of time before everyone else starts catching on. When we threw the listening party, everyone was really vibing to the music, and anyone who actually sat down and processed the music, they had nothing bad to say about the album. In fact, I’ve been hearing a lot of “Yeah, I listened to the album all the way through.” You don’t get that kind of product nowadays. Everyone just wants a hit single. We gave 14 hit singles that was coherent and told a story, so I’m hoping when folks who aren’t familiar with us yet listen to the album, they’ll be able to see the vision, too. I produced it so it’s like a movie. You got the intro, the story, and then the ending. When you listened to the last song of the album, how did you feel?

Lets Talk Sports: I love it! Real Hip-Hop, something we have not heard in a while.

Stkee Yeah, that’s what we wanted to hear.

Lets Talk Sports: Thank you for your time.

Stkee: No problem.<

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