Cinderella Story or Just Plain Luck?

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Sports Blogs, Uncategorized

Is it just me or will the Texas Rangers be playing for the World Series this season? Watching the Texas Rangers this series, I can honestly say that they are playing like their lives are on the line. Game after game, play after play, it’s just amazing to see the Rangers play how they are playing. In Game 3 on Monday night watching Cliff Lee throw 13 strikeouts in 8 innings—this has to be the highlight of the series. Then in Game 4, Bengie Molina’s 3-runs sent the Rangers one game closer to the World Series. Going back to Game 1, the Rangers started off good but in the 8th inning the Yankees came back from being down 5-1. The Yankees went on a hitting streak by hitting back to back runs, scoring 5 runs in the inning. The final score of Game 1 was 6-5, but after that game, the Rangers played more determined than the World Series defending champions, The New York Yankees.

Before the series started, everyone said how bad the New York Yankees was going to beat down the Texas Rangers. They had over a 75% percent chance of winning the series, but by the way things are looking now, it doesn’t look like it coach. I can honestly say that the Yankees are not playing hard enough to win, or the Texas Rangers just want to win more or just plain out have more hunger for a chance at the World Series. The Texas Rangers have never been to the World Series. The last time they got even close to the World Series was back in 1999, losing to the New Yankees. Looking back at the history and stats, the Rangers are looking to seek revenge on the Yankees from ten years ago in the Division Series back in 1999.
Will the Yankees pull it off or will the world be truly upset by the Texas Rangers winning the ALCS? Only time will tell who will be playing either the San Francisco Giants or the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2010 World Series.

  1. Mr. Saindon,

    The Rangers are a better team than the Yankees. The Yankees have better individual players than the Rangers. The problem with the Yankees’ management is they have failed to realize that they need to get a better unit of team players–not individual players. The Yankees certainly need a better pitching staff. They have always been so focused on getting one big name pitcher and have not focused on spending some of that money they have on a good pitching rotation. They should know by now that getting big sluggers is not the answer to winning the championship. I don’t think it’s luck why the Rangers are winning–they are simply the better team. Go Rangers!

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