Got Juice?

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Sports Blogs, Uncategorized
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Athletes use steroids to build muscle and improve performance. The use of steroids  by professional baseball players appeal to many players; however, using the enhancement drug to build muscle and improve performance results in negative consequences, such as loss of credibility, criminal charges and disqualification for awards of excellence in the Hall of Fame. Players think steroids are a way in to the Hall of Fame, but in the long run it’s not; its leads to numerous negative consequences.

In 2003 an anonymous person published a list of professional baseball players that test positive for taking steroids in the MLB. On the last list was my favorite player, Mark McGwire. As his fan, I was devastated. The whole time we were thinking he was hitting home runs by his own natural strength and skills, but I was wrong; it was taking steroids that made the real difference for him. Steroids are drugs that will take over one’s whole body and mind. When one takes this drug, the individual becomes crazy and abuse people for no reason, which is one of the side effects of the horrible drug. Majority of the fans of the Major League Baseball players that use steroids lose significant respect and credibility for these players. ESPN First Take stated that 75% of current MLB baseball players use the performance enhancement drug. To all the little kids who look up to these players, they are heart broken because their favorite players are not as good as they he seemed on the television screen or live.

Because steroid use is illegal, athletes who use them may be convicted and go to jail or may lose all of their endorsements. Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants is being charged with steroid use and may go to prison instead of the Hall of Fame. All of those times he was taking those drugs have caught up with him. He was thinking he was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for the record-breaking 756th home run, beating the Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, a man who never used steroids. Barry Bonds is looking at 30 years in prison and he is only 43 years old. Now, he is waiting for trial to start in February of 2011.

One thing that these players do not think about is the consequences of getting caught for the use this enhancement drug. If only they would think about the consequences, or even better, look at other players in the MLB who get caught for using illegal enhancement drugs (steroids), they would be less likely to consume them.

The Hall of Fame is every baseball player’s dream and goal, so most of them think if I just take steroids no one will know or get hurt but they end up hurting themselves. Mark McGwire almost was inducted into the Hall of Fame for hitting home runs, until one day he was tested by the league and came out positive for steroids and now he is not a Hall of Famer because of his use of the drug. Will Mark McGwire ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame? May-be. It all depends on the committee to elect Mark or not.

Alex Rodriguez, the third baseman for the New York Yankee’s, admits that he used steroids in 2001-2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers, and he has not fully destroyed his chances of being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but he has made it a whole lot harder for him to enter the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is for players that used their strength to be the best in the game, not for players that used the performance enhancement drug. People should play sports for the love of it and not the money and fame.

Players using steroids are getting real strong and hitting homeruns like no one has ever done before. The only part that they do not understand is the consequences that came along with the use of this performance drug, and they are ones who get kicked out of the league, lose credibility and will not be elected in the Hall of Fame.

What happened to the players who play for the love of the game?  Using illegal enhancement drugs does not make you the great player it, just makes you a criminal. Real players play for the fans, for the love of the game and to just be the best he can be in the game of baseball.  The best thing for the player do to is just work real hard and be like Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth who just hit homeruns off their natural strength. Those were two of the best baseball will ever see.

  1. These MLB players have to understand the self-inflicted harm that they are doing to their bodies by using these harmful substances. They need to understand that cheating is not the way to achieve great success that is going to be respected by the larger public.

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