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Dr. J vs Bird

When you think of the word “Rivalry” what comes to your mind? Do you think about sports, relationships, or people just trying to see who is better? Rivalry means to compete against one another to see who the best is. For example, one rivalry is the one between the University of Florida and Florida State University wish people would play some good old nice fundamental basketball.  Another example is when two people have feelings for the same person; they will compete head to head and see who will win that special someone over. Rivalries can emerge from anything: sports, relationships, etc. The purpose of this essay is to explain the positive and negative aspects about rivalries. Sometimes people tend to take it a bit too seriously. So my goal is to show the brighter side of rivalry; how it can be all fun and games. Then I will show the dark side of rivalry.

I will start by giving a positive example of rivalry, which is my all time favorite rivalry: the rivalry between University of Florida and Florida State. The nickname of the rivalry is “Sunshine Showdown.” Since 1958, these two teams have been competing against one another to see who the best is. Every time these two teams play one another you tend to see a significant number of zealous fans in the crowd wearing schools colors; fans screaming out their school’s chants. Other fans would be performing the gator clap and others doing the Seminoles’ chop. As the game is taking place, you will see two teams going head to head. Each play is played at the highest level possible, players giving it all they have, and in the crowd, the sight of a bunch of screaming fans waving signs representing for their team; some fans hold up signs saying, “Welcome to the Swamp,” or “Beware of the Gator Bite.” As the game comes to an end, both teams come out and shake hands to show good sportsmanship.

Next, I will show you how negative a rivalry can get. Another type of riva1lry is when two type of people are attracted to the same person. Some will go out of their way to show that special person that he or she is more worthy than the other person one who is trying to gain the same affection.  For example, when I was in my freshmen year of college, my friend and I liked the same girl. We would almost get in to fights over her, and ironically, she didn’t like either of us.  So the entire time we were fighting and arguing we could have been doing something productive with our time. The good thing about this story is that I and my friend still ended up maintaining our friendship.

Another negative aspect of rivalry is how people take it too far. After a college football game, one of the football players was trash-talking, which eventually led to a right jab to the face. The reason why the football player got hit in the face is because of the player on the opposing team was provoking him with trash talking. During a rivalry game, each side will do anything to make their team better. It can be tampering with the score or kidnapping the mascot, either way people end up getting arrested. Public announcement: please don’t let rivalry transform into anything illegal, harmful, and/or distasteful.

Rivalry can be anything ranging from who can make the most shots in one minute or who wins the championship game. Sometimes rivalries get out of hand and almost end friendships. Many people lose friends because of a small game or because they got the person that she or he wanted to be in a relationship with. So just make sure that the rivalry is just fun and games. As I mentioned before, the “Sunshine Showdown” is just for fun between two colleges but the alternative can be something negative, like my experience with my friend. Many people get jealous because of rivalries. So now that you know what rivalry means and entails, be sure when you’re going against a rival to not take it so seriously.

  1. Great article, Wayne! Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to what is to come on your blog!

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