Can I brag on my lord?”- Trip Lee, “it don’t matter if I am young“- Andy Mineo “I’m in love with a Higher Love“- Sho Baraka, “Ya I pray but faith is dead if I don’t get up and go work my legs“- Lecrae ” Yolo can only live once but you can die twice“- KB. “Life in Christ got me finished like a crossed a line”- Tedashii. “And I ain’t fronting, I’m just telling ya’ll what God say” – Derek Minor. Those were lyrics from songs by Christian’s rappers spreading the word of God through rap music. They are separate rappers but are in the same group called the116 Clique. The 116 Clique is named after the Bible verse Romans 1:16. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes; to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.” For them it means acknowledging the power of the Gospel and the divine calling to proclaim it in every area of their life. “We can lay our lives down to serve and glorify God in everything we do.”- Lecrae. So they use Hip-Hop beats and place Gods word in it. It all started in 2004 when Lecrae dropped his first cd “Real Talk”. Instead of talking about things that they never did, they are preaching the gospels of Jesus Christ… “I’m riding round and I’m getting’ it; they riding round pretendin’”- Lecrae 116 Clique is just like any Christian Rap group their mission is to show that is it cool to be a Christian and showing them to be unashamed. All through their music they have tons bible verses in them. For example in Trip Lee’s fourth studio album “the Good Life” in his song for my Good he quotes Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” To encourage people that no matter what we go through God will use it to better us.  From kids to adults all over the world play their music glorifying the father by rapping their lyrics. Talking about “Look all I need is One sixteen to brag on my king Romans 1:16, we brag about him daily because he runs this thing.”- Trip Lee another quote from his album The Good Life.  Reason why I’m writing this is not to praise them, but to show how God will use anyone to get his word across. He knew since young people loved Hip-Hop and they couldn’t relate to people like Fred Hammond and etc., God blesses these gentlemen a gift to use to promote the kingdom of God. And personally I would have to say that listening to their music is truly a blessing because even the songs sounds like rap music I’m still singing/rapping praises to God. I saw a show with KB, Trip Lee and Sho Baraka performing in a show in Sacramento, CA last year and it feel great praising God in a different way but also seeing youth on fire for God was also mind blowing. During the concert Trip Lee even gave a mini sermon, I forgot what exactly what he was talking about, but again seeing youth listening to his message was powerful. Then he said “I’m snitch” which to repent to God. He had the whole crowd screaming “I’m snitch”. After that show I had to get their album and ever since I have been bumping 116. I just want to thank God for music like this for young people like myself to play and still glorify the Father. One day I was at work and I see a kid who seemed about 10 years wearing a rehab logo from Lecrae on his t-shirt. This group of unashamed Christians is doing great things for God, it’s good to hear music where they don’t talk about the same thing over “Women, drugs, money and cars” but they talk about how God has changed their lives forever. “My dreams are different; you know that I’ve been changed now the good life is the life that’s been laid down.” – Trip Lee. “I bought clothes to get undressed, but God revealed my nakedness” – Andy Mineo, “You adopted me, you keep rocking me I’mma tell the world, and ain’t nobody stopping me!”- Lecrae. So if you could please check out their music if you have not already, I promise you it will truly bless your life. How do I know it will bless you, because its blessing mines it’s not one day where I don’t play their music. God bless and I just want to personally thank Lecrae, Trip Lee, KB, Andy Mineo, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, and Derek Minor for breaking the barriers in Hip-Hop who would have known that you could rap and still glorify the father who’s in heaven. So thank you so much and I pray that God blesses you gentlemen for your mighty work in the kingdom of God.

Wayne Saindon

City College of San Francisco


Dear Reader

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Dear Reader,

First off I just want to personally thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blogs/articles whenever I would post them, and also forgive me for not posting more frequently like I should be, but I will do my best to write one each month and start to gradually write more often. Please just continue to work with me. The reason why I don’t write so often is because sometimes I don’t know what to write about. All I know is I want to write something for everyone to read. I want my articles to be 100 percent ready before I post them. But before I continue to write any more I thought it was time I introduce my self. Let me start off by saying my name is Wayne I am undecided major between philosophy or communications with a journalism option, but I am leaning more on philosophy because of two great philosophers named Dr. Cornel West and, Socrates.  I currently attend CCSF (City College of San Francisco). My objective for this blog site is to use it as footsteps in becoming an author of many books on various topics like philosophy, religion, sports, politics, and many other subjects that people may be interested in. I started to write blogs/articles in my freshmen year in college I wrote an essay that turned into an article and my boss at the time told me that I should look into journalism which encouraged me to write blogs/articles. Also in this article, I just want to say that no matter what you want to do in life, don’t let any one stop you. I know that is some what random but I feel today in time no one helps anyone any more, it’s a dog eat dog world out here, every man for themselves, but I challenge people to try be helpful to those to around you, because you might never know when you will need someone to help you.  Sorry for that random though, but I just felt right to say it. As of right now I’m doing some research on the 13th Amendment in the United States Constitution, and why did Abraham Lincoln free the slaves, and why do call Hindu’s devil worshippers? And another topics that comes to mind. Once I get enough information on one of them I will post it up. Thank you so much for everything. Without you guys this blog site could not exist, if you have any ideas or a topic you would like to write about please either post on the Facebook page here is the link ( or just email me at Please email any topics you would like for me to write about again, I will do my best to check it daily, thank you so much for everything and for you support.


Wayne P. Saindon.


            ImageIn the past national election campaign for presidency, race played a huge factor in the elections. Considering that up until 2008 we never had an African American president, we ended up declaring Barack Obama as our first African American president. This was a memorable event that occurred in American history that everyone will remember. However, race has played a huge part in the elections as both negative and positive to his image, which Senator Barack Obama addressed it in his campaign speech.

For example, Senator Obama stated “I chose to run for the presidency at this moment in history because I believe deeply we cannot solve the challenges of our time unless we solve them together-unless we perfect our union by understanding that we may have different, but we hold common hopes…”  Senator Barack Obama decided to run for president because he wanted his fellow brothers and sisters to be helped in every situation possible. He had hope for the nation and wanted to show how much African Americans have come along since the time we were here for slavery.

 However, running for presidency also took its toll when it comes from other races and also from the fellow brothers and sister. An example of this was that “At various stages in the campaign, some commentators have deemed me either “too black” or “not black enough” People of other nationalities labeled Senator Obama as “too black,” which could have the meaning that he was not going to take the job as president seriously to help the people of America. Yet, all he wanted to do was to restore equality between everyone. Because of this he ended up being labeled as “not black enough” by the fellow African American people. This could be taken as if he had forgotten where he came from and what his roots are of being part of a nationality that was once enslaved.

Even though he was running for presidency, this did not mean he forgot who he really was.  Senator Obama stated, “I’ve gone to the best schools in America and lived in one of the worlds poorest nations. I am married to a black American who carries within her the blood of slaves and slave-owners-an inheritance we pass on to our tow precious daughters” Even though Senator Barack Obama went to the best schools and obtained better education, he did not forget where he came from and what his ancestral history was. He did not forget that African Americans have been through so much that to this day, there is still racism between people of all color. This is the reason why he ran for presidency, to make a change and to make a better future.

Race is a factor in the election because it will become a huge change in American history. “We can pounce on some gaffe by a Hillary supporter as evidence that she’s playing the race card, or we can speculate on whether white men will all flock on John McCain in the general election regardless of his policies. We can do that. But if we do, I can tell you that in the next election, we’ll be talking about some other distraction. And then another one. Another then another one. And nothing will change”. As we can see, race is something that should not be an issue when it comes to presidency. There are many people that I know who vote for Obama because he was African American. But the fact that he is African American should not be the only reason to vote for him. Instead the main thing we, as the people, should be looking at is if the person we elect as president can actually commit and do the things they promised. Presidency should not be a popularity contest or a race on who is the better nationality, it should be about electing someone who will get the job done and run our nation the best they can.

This is a friendly reminder why we voted for President Obama and Vice President Joe Bidden back in 2008. Please remember change doesn’t come over night. It takes years and more years. So please think about who you are voting for this November 2012. President Barack is a true “Friend of the People”. Is Mitt Romney?

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Dear reader,
I am so grateful for you taking the time out to read about my journey/road to success. I pray that this helps motivate you and encourage you to keep your dreams alive. I don’t care what any one tells you, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! The only way that dreams can come true is that you have faith in your self and also have faith in God. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5, 6 KJV)
Solomon is telling us that everything we do, we should trust in God, because he will guide us onto the right direction every time. This letter is designed to show you that anything is possible with a little faith, courage, loyalty and some ambition. With those ingredients you can’t fail. One more thing is that you were born to fail but God built you to win!! You are winner at everything you do. There’s nothing that you can’t do. So when people tell you that dreams don’t come true, ask them this question: “What happen to your dreams, did they ever come true?” and see what they say. I guaranteed that they would say “No they didn’t”. After they say that just say, ”that there is no time left”. Once again I’m truly grateful for everyone who helped me become what i am today, for always reading my articles and helping me out to make them better than the last one . I pray that God makes your entire wildest dreams come to a reality. Also here’s a quote from Journey “Don’t stop Believing”


Wayne P. Saindon

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

Donate to Invisible Children:
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For official MEDIA and artist REPRESENTATION ONLY: Christina Cattarini

Thank you my dear Brothers and Sisters PLEASE repost this video, go to the website buy the t-shirts ,and bracelets. Please upload the posters to your Facebook, Twitters, and etc. Let’s make Uganda a better and safer place for the children, because they are the Future of this world. Thank you so much
Sincerely, Wayne P. Saindon

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Through out my life many people have had an impact on me , however I have had quite a few mentor’s who have been the greatest source of encouragement. Renaldo Blocker who is my “big brother”. Brother Kevin Lynch whom has passed away last year in January. And also I have Brother Wil Cason and Brother David Yang. Now let me explain how these great men helped me out.

In my community where I grew up we consider friends, to whom we’ve truly connected with, as if they were family. If they were older we called them ” Mom or Dad” and if they were couple years younger we call them “Brother and Sister”. Growing up I was the only boy so I never had a big brother in my life until my Sophomore year in High school, where I met brother Renaldo Blocker. He came to my job at the time , which was the Boys and Girls club of Oakland. Renaldo was with his Fraternity Brother talking about how important college is to the junior staff who worked there. After everything was over I asked Renaldo if we could stay in touch, because I still had tons of questions about applying to colleges and getting scholarships. So we gave each other our contact information, and the more we keep talking about college I had a feeling he could help me out the way which he did.I earned a 3.29 GPA my Junior year of High school. He even gave me the encouragement to pass my high school exit exam and get into California State University, East Bay. And to this, day he helps out and makes sure I earn my Degree in Communications.

Another great brother who supported and made sure I had everything I needed was brother Kevin Lych. Now, I met Kevin in my Second quarter at Cal State East Bay, he worked in the EOP (Educational Opporitunity Program) office as [a supervisor]. No he wasn’t a counlser, but he wanted to make sure I get my degree. The very first time I met brother Lynch was at a conference on campus called the Student Leadershipship program, where he gave a seminar on Leadership. Afterwards, we all took a group picture with the members of the Men of Success and the Women of Success. Kevin wanted to make sure all the student he knew on campus graduated. We all knew if we needed help Kevin was the man to see. During the Winter quarter of 2009, Kevin and I became closer. We would meet on the regular basis once a week so he can check up on how I am doing in classes. Kevin saw I wasn’t doing so good in Math, so we looked up Math tutoring sites to help me with my classes which helped me to an extent. Not only would he help me with my academic issues, but he would also help me if I had any financial issues.

And on January 12th 2011, I got an phone confirming tragic news that I was hoping was false. My dear friend, role model, Mentor and support had passed away from a asthma attack. During his funeral his fellow coworker David Yang, padded me on the back and said “You know what you need to do.” So I got up in front of his fraternity brothers, family and friends, I looked Kevin in the face as he was in his casket and told him “ Kevin, I will not let your time and effort go to waste, I am going to graduate in your memory”. Ever since then I have been working hard on earning my degree in Communications.

After the funeral Kevin’s Fraternity brothers, family, and friends all welcomed me and thanked me for saying those great things about Kevin. As I was leaving, one of his fraternity brother, Wil Cason, came up to me and said, “Hey Wayne, I want to make sure your dreams come to reality”. We exchanged contact information and from there on was history in the making. Wil and David both took on the role that Kevin had in my life, and it wasn’t for them I probably would have kept putting school on hold. But David would always remind me of the promise that I made to Kevin and that I needed to keep my promise. Ever since then I have been working on getting my degree and working on becoming a great radio talk show host. As I end this article, I just want to take time out and thank Renaldo Blocker, Kevin Lych, David Yang, Wil Cason, Marc Cochran, Paul Gradley, Sylvester Donelson , Antonio Daniels, Maxwell Hurts, my mother Karen Jackson, who always encouraged me and to everyone else who always believed in me when times were hard and I almost gave up hope on my education

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